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Walk with me on the spiritual path of yoga… explore at your tempo and tailored to your needs.

My classes are infused with a holistic approach on a healthy lifestyle. I like to include different elements of nature like the seasons, the 5-elements theory of Chinese Medicine, Yin & Yang, and everything that is interconnected with life.


Inspired from shamanism to tantra philosophy, for me, a deep connection between body, mind and soul are key. My practices help to release tension, increase energy levels and feel more joy of life by exploring new dimensions of your emotions and your body.

Bringing mindfulness into your daily habits, helps you to me more present. When you are in the present you are more connected to joy and when you are joyful you resist more to things that are not lifting you up. 

Vinyasa is a breath synchronized practice with dynamic movements. The sequences are built up progressively for each level of practitioner towards a peak moment during the class. While focusing on the breath, we bring movement to the body. The peak moment will activate the energy in the body while the relaxing and cooling aspect of the practice will help to develop a more balanced body, mind and soul.

Yin yoga is a practice with long-held and deep gentle stretches of the connective tissue. This more passive way of practicing is a perfect complement to the more dynamic and muscular yoga styles in general. We use gravity and our body weight to open the body on a deeper level so that the tissue, the fascia that holds everything together, can lengthen. A pulse of vitality and energy create a rejuvenating experience for all different layers of our being. 



Find me every week here:


Tuesdays 7-8pm (Gentle Flow) at Twists & Beans, 1190 Brussels

Wednesdays 6.30-7.45pm (Hatha Flow) at De Markten, 1000 Brussels

Saturdays 11am-12.15 (Vinyasa Flow) at Twists & Beans, 1190 Brussels



Bring Yoga to your workspace and

boost your productivity and concentration. Calm the mind and connect with your body through movement and relaxation.

Leave the class with a refreshed mind and enjoy the many benefits of yoga backed by science: reduce stress, wellbeing, balanced mind, improve strength and much more!




Private classes are a great way to achieve your personal yoga goals.


I encourage and help you understand the mechanics of the poses by showing you how to get into and out of every pose properly and safely according to your body type and needs.


Benefit from the comfort and boost your confidence in your practice.


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