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Twists & Beans is all about nourishing the body and soul. Twists stand for the twisting yoga poses with their known rejuvenating effects on the body, while Beans represent the focus on plant-based food.

I have been active in sports such as dance and running my entire life and when I got pregnant in 2008, I deliberately sought out a counterweight for the urge to sport.


Prenatal Yoga immediately appealed to me and after giving birth I went looking for the yoga style that suited me best. I have built up a profound experience in different yoga styles over the years and I want to teach others what yoga brought me: joy, a positive mindset, creativity, connection, peace and a feeling of coming home from within.


I invite my students not only to explore the physical boundaries, but also to cultivate openness on a spiritual level. Both the physical side to make the body stronger and more flexible and the need for reflection and introspection play an important role in my yoga experience and practice. By embracing all aspects of life, I hopefully motivate my students to dive deeply and find their inner powers and joy which allow them to navigate easily on and off the mat, through whatever arises in their life.

I am a Brussels based certified Yoga Teacher in Vinyasa, Yoga Therapy, Face Yoga, and Yin Yoga.


  •  Start Yoga practice Iyengar Yoga - 2008

  •  Reiki 1 – 2014 & Reiki 2 – 2016

  • 200H Vinyasa TT by Serendip Yoga Bxl – 2017

  • 20H Abhaya Vinyasa TT by Vivi Letsou NYSY Studios Athene – 2018

  • Face Yoga Course by Danielle Collins (DailyOm) – 2018

  • Basics of Shamanism by Roel Crabbe – 2018

  • Natural Food Health Coach by Centrum voor Afstandsonderwijs – 2018

  • 50H Abhaya Yoga Therapy by Vivi Letsou NYSY Studios Athene – 2019

  • 100H Yin Yoga TT by Mandala of Life – 2019

  • Roll to Release Myofascial by James Mattingley - 2020

  • 50H Yin Yoga TT by Bernie Clark (Yoga International) - 2020

  • 50H Yoga Nidra TT by Sampoorna - 2022

  • 50H Myo Yin TT by Angela Yoga NL - 2022


My passion for healthy plant-based food started by exploring the benefits of it for health reasons. I strive to be more conscious about what to fuel the body. The journey to optimal health and wellness began with the integration of raw and plant-based food.


My curiosity about the effect of food on the body and well-being is a quality that I love to share with my students. Eating healthy doesn’t mean to privatize anything, on the contrary, the possibilities are limitless.


I present deliciously flavorful, whole, organically grown and plant-based preparations to my students with passion and love. I reveal the nutritional benefits and how they can contribute to body wellness and a healthy lifestyle.


If you wish to taste from my sweet vegan delights, the monthly Yoga & Vegan Potlucks are a must. Besides being a certified Yoga Teacher, I am a certified Natural Food Coach as well. The combination of yoga with nutritional workshops are the union of my two worlds. That is living from the heart and passion.


My initiations are performed by the wonderful Reiki Master Griet Heylen of Anam Cara.

Reiki is a universal healing energy, it is not a technique or method. Reiki has no skin color, belief or age. The way it is passed on to others is a method. In the Usui System of Reiki Healing or Usui Shiki Ryoho, this energy is used by gentle touch for healing. Grandmaster Hawayo Takata, the woman who brought the Usui System of Reiki outside of Japan, said:

“Reiki belongs to anyone who seeks and desires to learn the art of healing. It will find its way when the student is willing to accept. He is shown the way. "​

The only way to find out what Reiki really does is to receive a Reiki treatment. Private sessions are on request. Please fill out the contact form to request a session.

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