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Are you a #chocogini?

A yogi(ni) who loves chocolate? Guess what, you don’t have to privatize your sweet cravings for chocolates. In collaboration with Raw Spoon, the Raw Cacao workshops are the perfect way to learn about the health benefits of raw cacao. Raw cacao has more than 300 nutritional components and is a true superfood when eaten in pure form. But due to its bitter taste, the industry adds lots of sugar. Making your own healthy raw chocolates is a way to keep all the goodness and yumminess. 


Our workshops are not only designed to learn about the process and preparation of chocolate but also to inspire you to build a healthy lifestyle. Become conscious about what you eat as this is a big step towards a balanced body, mind and soul. The workshops are mostly combined with a heart opening yoga practice to feel the blissful effect on the body, mind and heart. 


More info about the chocolate guru, rawspoon.


Connect with yourself with yoga and nourish yourself with vegan treats after the yoga session. Each edition is different with focus on a certain element according to the 5 transformations of Chinese medicine.  The yummy vegan potluck starts after the dynamic yoga Vinyasa flow class. The events take place within a very atypical urban context.

How does a potluck work? Each participant brings something delicious (homemade if possible) to eat and to share with the others. A heavenly delicious gourmet table will be created!

All foods are vegan as we want to build a healthy and animal friendly atmosphere. You don't need professional cooking skills to bring something tasty & delicious. If you're not vegan, challenge yourself and get inspired by the others. The most important thing is the discovering, sharing & caring ♥. TwistS&Beans provides all different kinds of raw vegan and baked vegan desserts. 


I am coaching you during the Yoga Detox Flow workshops where you learn how to support the detoxing capacity of the body by including asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), kriya, relaxation techniques and nutritional guidelines supporting the five detox organs. The purpose is to gently detox and gain more energy! Through the combination of yoga and healthy nutritional tips, your body will receive a boost of life energy. Receive my high-vibe support during your process.

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