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26 - 30 May 2021

Yoga and Raw Chocolate are the magical pillars of this resourcing retreat.

​⤐ Focus on daily yoga, raw chocolate and healthy vegan food workshops

⤐ Marvelous location at the Portuguese sea side

​This resourcing retreat includes:

​⤐ 4 nights accommodation

⤐ 2 Yoga sessions a day including Myofascial Massage Balls

⤐ 1 to 1 yoga

⤐ 2 Raw Chocolate Workshops

⤐ 1 Raw Vegan Gourmet dinner workshop

⤐ Guided walking Tour along the World Surf Reserve Coast Line

⤐ 4 breakfasts + 4 dinners + 1 lunch (all vegan)

Open your heart and experience the blissful union of yoga and raw cacao...

A journey where the body, mind and heart are united in a powerful and tasteful experience.



Bring your yoga practice to a new dimension with daily yoga sessions, raw chocolate & vegan cooking workshops, meditations & pranayama sessions are all harmoniously integrated to make you vibrate with joy, love, self-care and bring balance on your physical, emotional and spiritual path.

Please find our different packages below. Early bird package is available for limited time only.


Ondina guesthouse

Ondina guest house was recently renovated and decorated, but built in the 80's. Most of the furniture is handmade and the use of wood brings a natural feeling of harmony to the place. The house has 3 double rooms and 3 shared rooms. all with private bathrooms. Downstairs is a big open space with a living room, bar and dining space where we will come together and enjoy delicious meals.

The Yoga shala with a large mirror is located in the down part of Ondina and had a capacity of 14 persons with a beautiful view over the ocean. The top terrace is perfect to enjoy the sunset and to practice yoga. 


The guesthouse is located in a small village by the sea called Casais de São Lourenço, which is a 5 minute drive from Ericeira. The closest airport is Lisbon which is 35 minutes driving to Ondina. Detailed information on how to get there will be sent after booking



Raw Chocolate Workshop 

Learn about the origin of Raw Cacao, the process from bean to bar and all its health benefits. How to make your own chocolate bar according to your own personal flavor.


Walking Tour along the World 
Surf Reserve Coast Line 

There is no better way to get to know the beauty of the beaches, cliffs and landscape than a guided tour along the World Surfing Reserve. Suitable for all levels. 

pic for dessert workshop.jpeg

Raw Chocolate Dessert Workshop 

Learn about the fundamentals and explore healthy plant based alternatives for any sweet cravings. How to veganise recipes from easy snacks to more elaborate desserts.


1 to 1 Yoga session 

A½ hour private session to deepen your personal practice. This is the optimal way to individually adapt to yoga and allow personal needs to be fully explored. This session will be organised during free time. 

raw lasagna 35.jpg

Raw Gourmet Dinner Workshop 

Submerge yourself in the world of different tastes and textures of raw vegan food and learn different ways to include plant based and raw food into your diet.


Myofascial Release Self-Massage with ball

This self-massage technique is a great way to release tension out of common areas of tension such as the shoulders, neck, lower back, hips and glutes. Bring deep awareness and understanding of the body through massage roll techniques with myofascial balls and help yourself to relief from chronic pain and tension.


The magical infusion of raw cacao into the yoga practice can deepen and enrich your experience to a higher level. Cacao brings you closer to your heart, opening yourself to the infinite nature of who you truly are. Cacao connects to the heart while yoga brings you to the point of where you are right now. Open your heart for this experience!

The yoga lessons are given alternately inside the house or on the roof terrace, depending on the weather. In the morning we start with an energetic Vinyasa Flow class with the first sun rays. The sequences are built up progressively for each level of practitioner towards a peak moment of the class. In the early evening we enjoy the benefits of a recharging Yin Yoga, a perfect complement to the more dynamic and muscular style done in the morning. Myofascial Massage Ball Yoga Therapy session is included in the Yin clas followed by pranayama (breath work) and/or (candle light) meditation.


All yoga levels are welcome. 


Get ready for a taste-bud explosion and feel the blissful effect it has on your body, mind and heart.

An array of plant based chocolate delights will be offered for tasting and we will learn how to make different types of raw chocolate desserts. from simple to elaborate recipes.

Our workshops are not only designed to learn about the process and preparation of chocolate but also to inspire you to build a healthy lifestyle. Become conscious about what you eat as this is a big step towards a balanced body, mind and heart. 



Sabine from twistS&Beans shares her love and passion for yoga, healthy vegan food and Reiki. Twists & Beans is all about moving and nourishing the body and soul. Where the Twists stand for the twisting yoga poses with their known rejuvenating effects on the body, the Beans represent the focus on plant-based food.

Sabine has built up a profound experience in various yoga styles over the years and likes to share her passion for yoga with the world. She invites her students not only to explore the physical boundaries, but also to cultivate openness on a spiritual level. Both the physical side to make the body stronger and more flexible and the need for reflection and introspection play an important role in her yoga experience, practice and teaching.

Sabine is a certified Yoga Teacher in Vinyasa, Yoga Therapy, Face Yoga and Yin Yoga. She is also a Natural Food Coach and has Reiki 2 degree.

profile pic Sabine.jpg
profile pic Babs.jpg


Barbara from Raw Spoon shares her passion for Raw Cacao, raw chocolate, healthy desserts and Raw food. After being diagnosed with food intolerances, she devoted her time to research and made her transition to a whole food plant based, gluten and sugar free diet. A change that was a challenge at the start but once integrated she found healing and a balance between body and soul, food and emotions.


Raw Spoon came as a result to inspire and share the magical world of pure plant-based foods. Today Raw Spoon offers workshops and demos in Spain and Belgium. Handcrafted guilt free delights, from chocolate bars to elaborate pralines, from cookies & energy bars to cheesecakes & pies in a jar, all made with only plant-based ingredients, without refined sugar or gluten.

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